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by Tamika Hudson

The dream that GOD has given you is just for you to carry out!  Many times we as people are searching for others to validate us.  We are searching for certifications and authorizations.  We become institutionalize within ourselves that we cannot carry out our dreams.  We put our own selves in prison.  We lock up our own ability to achieve what GOD has given unto us.  We mentally see that this business, this ministry, this goal cannot get off of the ground due to the lack of confidence in ourselves.  We seek the advice of people, who have not at all broken any kind of ground in acquiring their own dreams.  Sadly, many take the advice of people who are stagnated in their own purpose.  And we find that we become just like the ones, whom we took the advice from.  (Stale, Decayed, Unproductive, Non-producing, cannot see past the state that they are in)  Let us look at what a dream means?   I just want to take a simple definition from dictionary.com.  A dream is a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep. This is the definition that I want to focus on.  A dream is an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.   Have you ever experience this?  Dreaming of one day becoming something great!  I believe that everyone has done this. And you said within your soul, “One day, I will be that.” 

Many have reached that point of destiny, and many have not dared to try to reach that place of affirmation.  I believe that all of us have said that statement.  “One day, just watch.”  But many so many never do because I believe one reason is due to a dream killer. 

A Dream Killer is someone who you share your thoughts and emotions to, and they don’t have a heart for your thoughts and images to come alive.  They want to murderer everything that is coming from your spirit-man.  Most time I believe it is done in premeditation.  When you speak forth your heart, you give that person time enough to conjure up ways to stop the plan of GOD in your life.  This is called premeditation.  I believe this.   Those persons are actually considering what you said, and the enemy has a plan already in place for the dream killer to carry out.  You better watch who you are sharing your dreams with.

Let us think!  When a fire breaks out, firefighters are called to the scene immediately.  Their response is unyielding.  Firefighters cannot yield because it is their job to put out fires for safety controls.  They suit up so that the fire cannot harm them, and they use mechanisms to put out certain types of fires.  Water is used fiercely to put out most fires.  Dream killers have the same tools to kill your dreams.  Their job is to pull out your dream immediately, which GOD has placed in your heart.  Dream killers are unyielding because your dream will move people to their next dimension.  You are a threat to satan’s domain.  Dream killers will try to control you and keep you bound.  Just like firefighters have to control the fire, the same with the dream killers concerning your  dreams.  There mechanisms stir up discontentment within you, and tell you that you cannot do this.  It is too much and it cannot be done.  Whatever they can use fiercely, dream killers will do it to stop the plan of GOD within you.  Just like the water that the firefighters use to stop the fires, dream killers will water down your dream so quick until it is nothing (like ashes which can blow away in the wind). 

Is there a dream killer around you?  Be cautious, beloved!  Think about it?  A person who is in your inner circle telling you that you can’t do it: start that business, go back to college, become a minister of the Gospel, etc.  This person can be your own flesh and blood.  It can be your friend that you talk to on a daily basis.  It can be the leader over you in ministry.  Who is it?  It is time for you to identify that you are someone in the kingdom of GOD, and the dream killer has to go.  You have to know that you can do whatever GOD has placed within your heart.  Your dreams can become a reality.  Those things which you see in the spirit realm, which only you and GOD know about, can become true.  But you only have the ability to stop and fight off the dream killer.  Only you!  So you suit up with the armor of GOD, and put on the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith and your lions girded with truth, shod your feet with the preparation of the Gospel of peace and put on the helmet of salvation; along with the sword of the spirit in your hand. (Eph 6 NKJV)  Now, you are suited for the battle.  Fight off the dream killer with the word of GOD because you serve something greater than the dream killer.  They water down your dreams, but you have the fire of GOD inside you, that cannot be watered down.  You serve an almighty GOD that will do exceedingly above all that you ask or think. (Eph 4:20NKJV) We serve a GOD that will allow our dreams to become real.  We serve a GOD that will permit us to recognize the dream killers, and still advance before their eyes.  So now, only you can carry out the dream which GOD has placed in you.  Go forth, and live it out, and do not allow the dream killer to stop you.





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